To acquire a beautiful, pumped up body, to become an object of adoration in men and women is one of the main goals of frequent visits to gyms by both experienced pros and green beginners in the world of powerlifting and bodybuilding. TESTOSTERONE ENANTANT is a drug that has helped more than one athlete to lose the softness and roundness of their figure and acquire excellent steel bulging muscles. It is an anabolic steroid. The substance is one of the most popular means for achieving excellent performance in the world of professional sports. Its action lasts from a crescent to three weeks. Then, at a predetermined time, special injections are made to maintain the desired saturation of the substance in the muscles. Information on the link: https://theroids.ws/testoviron-depot/

Features of the mechanism of action on the human body

Criteria for changing the state and general appearance of an athlete after passing different types of courses of substance:

  • maximum muscle building is ensured;
  • clearly expressed Pumping muscles;
  • the athlete’s strength and endurance, working capacity increase, due to which the drug deservedly takes the first places among athletes engaged in deadlift;
  • removes painful problems present in the intervertebral discs, helps to eliminate unpleasant crunch in the shoulder area;
  • the ability to recover quickly after exercise increases;
  • improvement of the general tone of the whole organism, removal of the effect of the tested overtraining;
  • increased libido and male sexual characteristics;
  • long term from one to the next injection;
  • the blood is saturated with oxygen.

Taking the drug can cause the following side effects: the entire axis of the hypothalamus – the problem pituitary gland – the male testicles is suppressed, the masculinization effect appears in both women and men who take it, a tendency to aromatize the substance, signs of general obesity remaining in the female type are possible, slight baldness, acne .

It is not recommended to use the product for women who are afraid of virilization. In a mixed course at higher doses, it is combined with GONADOTROPINE to prevent a decrease in the testes and a decrease in the function of spermatogenesis. Consuming cortisol blockers after completing the course helps to consolidate the result of the gained mass.  

To obtain maximum perception and absorption into the tissues of the body, this substance is injected into the gluteus muscle of the athlete. The dosage of the substance is carried out, starting once a week and gradually reaching four during all 10 fruitful weeks of taking the substance.

Testoviron Depot 250 course

Depending on the dosage of testosterone enanthate, the anabolic effect changes. The weekly recommended dose is 200-250 mg. In most cases, the dosage must be increased as the athlete grows and weights. The most suitable injection site is the gluteal region. The number of injections is 1 or 2 per week. The average duration of the course of taking testosterone enanthate is 8-10 weeks. At its end, after 2 weeks, a special post-cycle therapy is carried out . There are cases when testosterone enanthate is used for a longer time within the same course. Source: https://theroids.ws/

To minimize the possibility of developing estrogenic side effects, you need to take Proviron or aromatase inhibitors. Taking these drugs should be started 2 weeks after the start of the course. One week after completing the course of testosterone enanthate, the use of aromatase inhibitors can be discontinued. The effectiveness of taking aromatase inhibitors can be monitored with tests that show estradiol levels. Moreover, these analyzes can be carried out during and before the use of aromatase inhibitors.

With a large dosage that exceeds 250 mg and a long cycle (more than 2 months), you need to resort to the use of gonadotropin.

To maintain the gains, you must use a cortisol blocker. It is taken immediately after completion of the testosterone enanthate cycle . Throughout the cycle, it is necessary to consume sports nutrition and observe the strictest high-calorie diet.