Sustanon 250: COURSE

Sustanon or „sust“ is a drug that contains several forms of testosterone.

Initially, Sustanon 250, which was first released by the American company Organon, was used exclusively for therapeutic purposes, prescribed to patients whose body did not produce the required amount of testosterone. Today this mix has gained wide popularity in sports pharmacology. Sustanon 250 can be purchased by clicking on the link

Composition of the preparation

Sustanon 250 includes four testosterone esters:

  1. decanoate;
  2. propionate;
  3. isocaproate;
  4. phenylpropionate.

The absorption rate of each form is different, which explains the high efficiency of the drug. It maintains high testosterone levels for a whole month. Propionate enters the bloodstream first, followed by phenylpropionate, after which isocaproate enters the action, decanoate is absorbed last.

The duration of action reduces the number of injections. This does not affect the effectiveness of the mixture in any way. It is in no way inferior to drugs that are administered separately. The only drawback is the cost. The mixture tends to be more expensive.

Steroid profile

  • Anabolic and androgenic activity from taking the drug is 100% of testosterone.
  • There is a pronounced suppression of the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal system.
  • The mixture has no effect on the liver.
  • The possible time of detection in a drug test is up to three months after the last dose.
  • The drug is produced in the form of injections.

Effects on the body

Taking the drug has a multifaceted effect:

  1. The muscle mass is significantly increased. Thanks to the solo course, you can gain about six kilograms.
  2. Strength indicators increase, and catabolic processes decrease.
  3. Endurance improves, the number of red blood cells increases, hematopoiesis processes are activated.
  4. Increased libido and libido.
  5. Appetite increases.

Sustanon course 250 solo

It is possible to start taking this steroid for persons who have no contraindications to the drug, who have reached the age of majority. The drug is taken on its own for 6-8 weeks.

A longer period requires additional intake of gonadotropin. Maintaining a constant high concentration of testosterone in the blood requires daily injection.

The recommended dosage ranges from 250-500 ml.

Aromatase inhibitors start on the eighth day of the course and end after one to two weeks after completion.

21 days after the end of the use of Sustanon 250, post-cycle therapy (PCT) is started in order to restore the process of producing its own testosterone in the body.

The hormone returns to its usual level about 30 days after using boosters. Diet and specialized sports nutrition can improve the result

Sustanon 250: combined course

An improved set of muscle mass is demonstrated by the joint administration of the drug with Nandrolone, and relief and drying – with Winstrol. A competent combination of steroids allows you to achieve much better results than when using each drug separately. This approach is not only effective, but also minimizes the risk of a negative reaction.

Side effects

Sustanon 250: reviews on forums, price, courses, side effects, instructions for use

Sustanon does not differ from other forms of testosterone, it also exhibits estrogenic activity. Against the background of its reception, the following consequences may occur:

  1. there is a depression of your own hormonal background;
  2. excess body fat appears;
  3. puffiness develop;
  4. manifest gynecomastia.

To eliminate these reactions allows the timely intake of antiestrogens. Aromatase inhibitors are considered the best. Selective estrogen receptor modulators, including Tamoxifen, begin to be used during PCT.

Testicular atrophy is the most severe side effect that occurs with Sustanon. Its development can be prevented by a strictly limited two-month course of injections or parallel use of gonadotropin, as well as the use of antiestrogens.

The instruction for the drug, as a rule, contains all the necessary information on how to achieve the maximum effect and reduce negative manifestations.

Reviews about the drug Sustanon 250

Most of the negative reviews about the drug relate to the appearance at the injection site of a mixture of seals – infiltrates.

This is a temporary phenomenon that takes place two to five weeks after the end of the course, which is not experienced by those who know how to correctly inject.

There are athletes among those taking Sustanon who are unhappy with the effect of burning fat, since body fat often grows along with muscles.

Strength indicators from the suspension increase quite well. Athletes who take Sustanon experience savings in time and money due to the combination of several forms of the hormone and the lack of the need for frequent injections. The price of the drug is not very different from buying esters separately.