Growth hormone for men – pros and cons

Growth hormone is the most popular preparation among professionals and sportsmen. There are a lot of opinions about it and its effect: some people consider it to be one of the most effective products for prolonging life, others say that it is very harmful for our body. If you want to buy this type of drugs, you can use the website

Mechanism of growth hormone action

Growth hormone is a protein consisting of 191 amino acids. Production and secretion of this hormone takes place in the anterior pituitary gland (endocrine gland). The body produces more growth hormone than any other hormone of the pituitary gland (tropic hormones stimulating the synthesis and secretion of peripheral endocrine gland hormones). This production process is lifelong: after 20 years of age, growth hormone production begins to decrease by 15% per decade. Hormone levels peak in early childhood, and secretion peaks during adolescence (puberty, intense linear growth).

Basic functions of growth hormone

Growth hormone accelerates the production of growth factors and muscle mass, and actively regulates the metabolism of human bone tissue. The hormone serves as a kind of doctor on duty inside the body, which inhibits the activity of enzymes that have a destructive effect on amino acids. It also regulates the synthesis of collagen in bone and skin. Growth hormone increases the size and number of thyroid, adrenal, liver, sex glands, thymus gland, and muscle cells. The drug also acts on the breakdown of fats, which affects the growth of fatty acids in the blood, which inhibit the effect of insulin on membrane glucose transport.

Physiological effects of growth hormone

Growth hormone prevents the development of many destructive processes in the human body and stimulates regenerative ones. Many reputable scientists claim that the growth hormone rejuvenates the body by 10-20 years:

  • the skeletal system is strengthened;
  • fatty deposits are converted into muscle;
  • immunity is strengthened;
  • mental abilities increase;
  • blood cholesterol level decreases;
  • sexual performance increases.

The anabolic effects of growth hormone and related drugs 

But if your goal is to increase the muscle mass, then you need the maximum stimulation, and that means that the growth hormone alone is not enough. You need a complex of preparations, which can not only increase the effect of growth hormone, but also the safety of your body. There is a certain scheme of preparations: growth hormone – anabolic and androgenic steroids – insulin – thyroid hormones. Remember: any intake of hormones and selection of drugs should be supervised by a professional coach!


Growth hormone is the strongest active preparation for vigorous growth of muscle mass and fast decrease of fatty deposits. But in order to achieve the desired results from the intake of this drug, a number of conditions must be met, which can not be met by so many people (quite a strict schedule of food, training and injections). So, what is a course of growth hormone? Of course, the course of the preparation and its dosage depend on the severity of physical activity and kind of sport, for example, the dosage of growth hormone reached 8 IU per day, which is insufficient for an effective set of weight-lifters’ muscle mass.

Growth hormone is the strongest acting drug for mass growth and fat burning. For the best effect, you need to stick to the course, daily routine, diet, and training. The dosage depends on the severity of the load and the type of sport. You can buy this and other medications at affordable prices at