Conservative treatment of erectile dysfunction

Currently, there are a fairly large number of methods of medical treatment of erectile dysfunction. The choice of method is determined by its invasiveness. In case of insufficient effectiveness of a less invasive method, a more invasive one is chosen. Thus, most clinicians start treatment by prescribing oral phosphodiesterase inhibitors, with other oral medications, intracavernous injections or vacuum devices prescribed if they are not effective. Combined treatment is also possible. 

Aphrodisiacs in the treatment of erectile dysfunction

For many centuries, in order to prolong sexual longevity, various stimulating agents were used, mainly of plant origin, many of which belong to the category of hallucinogens, psychostimulants and narcotic drugs. In this case, you should not forget that the main thing to do is to focus your attention on the main problem. This is a very important step forward, because the main purpose of this drug is to stimulate the flow of energy and to create a favourable mood. This is a great thing that you should always remember: you should always remember the name of the person who has created this magic, but you should not forget that this magic is connected with the charm of this person. 

Lifestyle correction as a treatment for erectile dysfunction

The primary goal of every doctor is to improve the patient’s condition. Consequently, the primary goal in the management of patients with erectile dysfunction is to determine the cause of the disease and treat it. It is known that erectile dysfunction can be combined with reversible factors, such as lifestyle or taking medications, which can be corrected by applying special treatment techniques. 

Psychosexual therapy in the treatment of erectile dysfunction

In patients with significant psychological problems psychosexual therapy can be applied both in the form of monotherapy and in combination with other treatments. Psychosexual therapy was first proposed by Masters and Johnson in the 1960s. In general, psychosocial factors play a role in any form of erectile dysfunction, even in cases of purely organic erectile dysfunction there is almost always a secondary reactive psychological component. Psychosexual therapy in the form of direct communication with the patient alone or, if possible, with both the patient and his partner, can yield positive results in the treatment of both organic and purely psychogenic erectile dysfunction.

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